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A. Project Management Services in India

A-1 Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited Kakinada Andhra Pradesh

  • Project Execution of Gas based Ammonia-Urea Greenfield projects at NFCL Kakinada, India. Capacity – Ammonia 2 x 900 tpd, Urea 2 x 1500 tpd.
    Unit-1 completed in 36 Months in 1992, and Unit-2 in 27 Months in 1998.

  • Carbon Dioxide Recovery Project (CDR) of 450 TPD common for the above units. Commissioned in 2008-09 in 22 Months.

  • Revamp project S-300 Ammonia Converter of the unit-1 was commissioned in 12 M for Capacity augmentation and energy efficiency. Execution done in Plant Turn Around.

  • Customized Fertilizer (CFG) Plant at NFCL Kakinada of capacity – 400 tpd completed in 18 months in the year 2012.

  • Pre-project activities for brown field project of (Gas based Ammonia – Urea project) Ammonia capacity 2200 tpd, Urea capacity 3850 tpd including EIA, DPR, issue of RFQ, evaluation of bids, issue of Early work order, PMC of EWO completed.

B. Plant Management / Industrial Services in India

  • Support Services for Commissioning/GTR of Urea Plant, after retrofit for Urea Casale, Switzerland at NFL, Nangal in 2001

  • Support services to M/s. TCL, Babrala, India for erection activities during implementation of Revamp during 2008-2009.

  • Support services to M/s. Chambal, Kota, India for erection activities during implementation of Revamp 2008-2009.

  • Other services rendered – Inspection, NDT, Condition Monitoring and Quality Assurance to the industries in India.

    • Stress analysis of steam piping systems
    • Ultrasonic Thickness measurement of process piping
    • Chemical analysis.
    • Hardness measurement.
    • Thermography of catlyst tubes, furnaces, insulated pipes, transformers and switch yard, GTG and STG,
    • Vacuum leak detection.
    • Eddy current testing, Fiberscopy, Metallography, Ultrasonic testing of critical exchangers (Urea strippers, carbamate condensers, etc) Boiler Components, Gas Turbines
    • Magnetic Particle Testing
    • Vibration analysis of rotating equipment.
    • Balancing of rotors


A. Project Development and Project Management Services


  • Project Development for setting up of large scale Ammonia-Urea complex in Nigeria
    Phase I - 2 x 2500 tpd Ammonia, 2 x 3850 tpd Urea and
    Phase II – 2 x 1750 tpd Ammonia,)


  • Project development for setting up of DAP Plant (Capacity : 3 x 2000 tpd) in Oman.


B. Plant Management / Industrial Services

i. Training Services rendered

  • Training of Fresh Operators & Engineers and also experienced Engineers to El Sharika El Djazairia El Omania Lil Asmida, AOA-Spa at NFCL Kakinada to operate and maintain their Fertilizer Plants of 2 x 2200 Ammonia & 2 x 3850 Granulated Urea – Rendered in 2011 and to continue upto 2014-15.


  • Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC) – Training on Operation of Carbon Dioxide Recovery (CDR) Unit


ii. Commissioning, O&M Support Services rendered

  • Maintenance Support Services for Gulf Petrochemical Industries Co. (GPIC), Bahrain during their turnaround in 2007, March 2010 and Nov 2012


  • O&M Support Services to Suhail Bhawan Group (SBGH) / AOA Spa, in commissioning and Operation & Maintenance of their Fertilizer Plants of 2 x 2200 Ammonia & 2 x 3850 Granulated Urea at Arzew for 5-7 years from 2011.


  • Oman Methanol Co. (OMC) Sohar – O&M support services for Turnaround assignment in April 2013


  • Oman Methanol Co. (OMC) Sohar – Providing Manpower services to OMC through Worley Parsons for the duration of one month in Aug-Sep 2013


  • Assistance during commissioning and GTR of FertiNitro Plant at Jose through Snamprogetti, Italy during the year 1999 to 2001. 2 x 1800 MTPD Ammonia Units 2 x 2200 MTPD Urea Melt Units 2 x 2200 MTPD Urea Granulation Units


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