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Plant Management / Industrial Services

The Maintenance group has rich experience of installing, maintaining and overhauling of all process plant equipment wheather static or rotating. The group successfully maintains high pressure and temperature vessels, heat exchangers, reactors operating with corrosive services. Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Heavy-duty Compressors and Pumps are kept online with preventive and turnaround maintenance including overhauling of machines. Continuous improvement and updating of knowledge and skills is ensured by participating in training programs and workshops.

Modern-day tools of high precision and accuracy are used, strict protocols on maintenance practices and equipment history are adhered to. OEM’s manuals and guidelines are generally followed for overhaul maintenance. In-house experience with NFCL plants have shown that the group can do quality job (right, first time) under demanding schedules. NFCL Plants have run from turnaround to turnaround. Supported by inspection and condition monitoring group and a central workshop, the group is capable of undertaking challenging plant maintenance assignments in India and abroad for total satisfaction of the clients. ….. more

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