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Nagarjuna Group Introduction

Founded in 1973 by Shri K V K Raju with a modest investment of Rs.50 million, the Nagarjuna Group today is a prominent industrial house in Southern India with an asset base of US$ 3.5 billion.

Nagarjuna is recognised as one of the most succesful integrated agricultural input brands in India. We are ranked amongst the largest fertilizer companies in India with a market share of 10% in Urea, 30% in speciality fertilizers and also amongst the top three plant protection companies in India.

We manufacture and market wide range of plant protection chemicals.

We manufacture and market a wide range of micro irrigation equipment and are ranked amongst the top two in micro irrigation comopanies in India.

We also offer a wide range of services in agricultural output procurement, trading, food processing, packaging and marketing.

Nagarjuna has recently entered the Fuels and Feedstocks business and has significant investment in Hydrocarbon, Bio and Silicon based Fuels and Feedstocks.

Nagarjuna has also investments in power genration based on natural gas and hydro electric.

Reserch and Development play a significant role in our strategy. We have been investing significantly into developing better agricultural inputs and new forms of Fuels, Energy and Feedstock.

A brief History of Ngarjuna Group

1974: Birth of a business group that pioneered several core sector enterprises in the coming decades starting with manufacturing steel - Nagarjuna Steels Limited was launched.

1985: With focus on agriculture input business started plant nutrition business with Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited.

1992: Forayed into the Crop Protection Business with investments in Pesticide Formulations manufacturing followed by Technical Grade Manufacturing in the year 1994.

1994: Micro irrigation business started to address the irrigation problems of farmers living in water and energy scarce regions.

1995: Ventured into Energy sector. Entered into power generation by setting up Nagarjuna Power Corporation Limited.

1997: Entered the petroleum sector by setting up Nagarjuna Oil Corporation Limited.

1999: One of the first entrants into the Technology Enabled Agri-Informatics Space through ikisan.

2002: Crop Nutrition and Crop Protection Businesses consolidated under Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd and Nagarjuna Agrichem Ltd respectively.

2004: Investments in the Crop Protection Business alongwith long term tie-ups with reputed MNC’s.

2006: Ventured into setting up overseas Fertilizer Manufacturing Locations alongwith investments into dedicated R & D setup.

2008: R & D efforts intensified in many new Agri-Domain space in India and Overseas.

2010: Investments into making the Fertilizer Bulks, Micro-Irrigation and Customized Fertilizer segments diverse and comprehensive in the Nagarjuna Crop Nutrition Business.

2011: Initial investments into making a foray into the African Markets for the Nagarjuna Crop Nutrition Business.

2012: Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Ltd enters the Billion Dollar League in the Crop Nutrition Business.

Consolidating its core activities, today the Group’s major operations cover Agri and Energy sectors.

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