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The Founder

Shri K V K Raju - An eternal source of inspiration

Shri K V K Raju

Nagarjuna Group is a dream willed into reality by its visionary Founder Shri KVK Raju. Shri KVK Raju a first generation technopreneur was born in a humble agricultural family in Andhra Pradesh on November 28, 1928. On graduating from Banaras Hindu University and the Madras Institute of Technology he went on to complete his Master's in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering from Michigan State University and the University of Minnesota, USA. After a short stint in the American Industry he returned to India and worked for short periods at Caltex Oil Refinery, Orient General Industries and Associated Electrical Industries. Finally, he joined Union Carbide of India and worked with them for 15 years. While working with Union Carbide, KVK's deep-rooted urge to serve society through industry impelled him to start out on his own. Thus was born Nagarjuna Group in 1973 with an investment of Rs. 50 million. The Group has since then come a long way to become a diversified conglomerate with an asset base of Rs. 43 billion.

A recipient of various awards for his outstanding contribution to the industry and society, KVK, was a firm believer in the adage "practice what you preach". A self-made man KVK practised simple living and high thinking. He dreamt big and worked with an unstinted focus of mind and body to make his dreams come true.KVK was a visionary with firm belief in his mission to serve society through industry. It is this belief, which continues today to be the guiding light of Nagarjuna Group

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